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Over 30 Years Of Experience

The principal and qualified manager of GAIN PI has experience working as an employee, contractor, or sub-contractor for:

  • Various state and local government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Law firm with international telecommunication brand name clients
  • Law firms and law offices
  • Other investigation agencies
  • Insurance adjusting agencies
  • National brand name grocery retail outlets
  • International casual dining restaurant chains
  • Fine dining food and beverage establishments
  • International brand name hotels and resorts
  • Boutique hotels and resorts corporation
  • National brand name retail department store
  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs

Comprehensive Services

 GAIN PI provides the following services and will work with your team to tailor and customizes these services to your needs:

  • Mystery guest shopping
  • Employee theft investigations
  • Employee interviews
  • Employee investigations (organized labor)
  • Customer service experience audits
  • Health and safety audits
  • Competitor market research
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Due diligence research
  • OSINT Open-Source Intelligence investigation
  • Worker’s compensation insurance claims investigations (Sub-rosa, AOE/COE)
  • Liability insurance claims investigations
  • Undercover FCC regulated signal piracy investigations
  • Surveillance investigations
  • Litigation and legal support services
  • Witness location and recorded statements
  • Service of Process
  • FAA Licensed Drone/UAV Services
  • Witness Location
  • Attorney Support Services

Amazing Results for our clients

Our thorough intelligence gathering and completed investigations have provided our clients results that have been of great benefit to their businesses, clients and organizations. Some examples of results for some of our investigations; Employee investigations have resulted in the termination or voluntary separation which helped employer avoid  legal action against  them for wrongful termination, no unemployment insurance payments, and increased profits if employee was caught for theft or embezzlement.  Mystery Guest shopping has been useful to our clients identifying issues with customer service and identifying employee malfeasance during a mystery guest’s experience at a client’s establishment. Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance claims investigations regularly uncovers claimant dishonesty and collection of evidence that does not support applicant’s claim of injury or loss. Our signal theft investigations regularly  help with prosecution and settlement for broadcasting organizations for signal theft broad casts of FCC regulated programing.


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